CHINN-CHINN GINN makes a full-bodied range of 17 Gin-based Fruit Liqueurs. We encourage you to sample this delightful, smooth and mellow tipple responsibly and of course only if you are 18 years of age or over when you can begin to

To confirm this, please kindly enter the site and begin your CHINN-CHINN GINN experience at leisure by clicking the button below. However, if you've not quite reached the age of 18 have something to look forward to in years to come and your years will race by. Always sip responsibly however old you become!
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A full-bodied range of Gin-based liqueurs blended in the heart of Worcestershire's medieval Forest of Feckenham
Bromsgrove B60 2BA in rural England Tel: 01527 836668
Sip responsibly: